Hi! 🖖️ I’m Jingrong.

I am a visual storytelling enthusiast. I enjoy the entire lifecycle of visualization, with a particular interest in visual analytics, information visualization and geospatial visualization. I am keen on integrating these visualization techniques and creative narratives to tell a compelling visual story.

I am currently a Data Visualization Specialist at MIT Senseable City Lab. Before that, I worked as an adjunct GIS specialist in the Data Services Lab at New York University Division of Libraries. I studied Applied Urban Science and Informatics at NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), and Urban Planning at Tianjin University in China.

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Last update June 2023.

The Electric Commute:
Envisioning 100% Electrified Mobility in New York City

NYC Open Data Week 2023
➔ Runner Up, 2022 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition

⇲ What if tomorrow all cars commuting in and out of NYC were electric?
⇲ What alternatives do commuters have to electrify their commute?
⇲ How does the resulting demand compare to power system capability?

Publication: “Modeling 100% Electrified Transportation in NYC,” 2023 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting

Project Website | Demo | GitHub Repo

#Mobility, #Electrification, #FutureofCities, #Visualization, #OpenData, #CivicEngagement

Word As Image:
Art of Chinese Seal Engraving

➔ 1st Prize, Shanghai Library Open Data Contest
➔ Best Application Case Award, Shanghai Open Data Apps (SODA) Competition

⇲ An experimental creative archive of cultural datasets, with Shanghai Library
⇲ ‘Available’ data to ‘Accessible’ data

Project Website | Demo | E-exhibition

#Archive, #OpenData, #Visualization, #Culture, #DigitalHumanities

A Kaleidoscope of Chinatown through the Lens of Social Media Photography

⇲ How do locals and tourists perceive the Chinatown landscape differently?
⇲ Where is the authentic Chinatown area?

Project Website

#SocialMedia, #Photography, #Culture, #DigitalHumanities #Visualization, #Storytelling, #OpenData, #BigData

Archive of Undergraduate Work

Undergraduate projects

#UrbanDesign, #Architecture, #Construction

Favorite movie quotes  
“It’s just an empty cup.” Cars, 2006.

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